Mill Upgrades – Enclosure

The picture above is my mill, a Precision Matthews PM940CNC (940 is the table size – 40″ long, 9″ wide). I got one of Matt’s first batch in 2015 (it has now been completely disassembled twice, first to move into a basement, then to move into the garage of my new house). I paid $7,200 for it, so I think there’s some good value in it (Tormach’s most similar model, the PCNC1100, starts at $8,400). It has a cutting volume of 3.5 cubic feet (X-23″ ,Y-14″, Z-19″), which is a little bit more than twice the PCNC1100’s, although a lot of that is in Z and is often not useful. It has a 1.5HP geared spindle motor and is setup to run at 3,000 RPM max from the factory. The axes motors are steppers, running double nut ballscrews. The machine itself weighs about 900 pounds (not including the control box or the stand).

The downside of this machine is that there is no upgrade support. Tormach offers an enclosure, a power drawbar, an automatic tool changer, etc. The PM machines come with an automatic oiler setup (except on the Z-axis), but other than that you’re on your own.

The first thing I wanted to add was an enclosure, because this thing can move a fairly large amount of aluminum in short order, and for cuts that require coolant, it really helps to keep it contained.


The enclosure is made with a 1/8″ carbon steel drain pan, 1″ square T-slot aluminum extrusions, and 1/4″ thick polycarbonate. You can purchase the plans on my site.

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