Well, I guess it’s a mill upgrade…

More like a replacement I guess — a 1998 Fadal 3016, which came out of liquidation sale at Honeywell’s former satellite waveguide plant in Long Beach, CA. This machine had a long trip here:

  • Moved to a rigger’s warehouse in California.
  • Picked up on by an air-ride flat bed (took three tries on the truck to get it right…sometimes it’s best to deal with people in person).
  • Driven 2,700 miles to another rigger’s warehouse in central NJ.
  • Delivered to my house (took roughly 2 hours from the time they arrived till the time they left).

So, pictures broken up into sections, starting with delivery to the rigger’s warehouse in NJ:

Showing up at the house on a rollback truck, which was super cool. This is probably the smallest rigging operation I’ve ever been involved with, but I’ve never used a rollback before (because normal people get their industrial machines delivered to places with loading docks and forklifts).

They had to carry the machine about 300 feet down the road (note that it weighs around 4 tons — and the forklift it’s on is another 6-8 tons). This whole part was done at <5 MPH, but everyone driving was surprisingly courteous. Note how low he has the machine, especially coming into the driveway. That was done incredibly slowly, and the machine was visibly rocking on the forks due to the bump!

There was a break in photography here for about 20 minutes as I crawled around on top of the machine disconnecting things so that it would fit through the doorway. The garage door itself was braced so the whole thing was flat to give us as much room to play with as possible.


Partway there, one of the riggers is setting up the sliding pads that go under the machine here.

Woops, turns out 10k+ pounds on this side of the driveway was not a good plan. You know what’s harder than getting a machine through a door with 1″ to spare on each side? Doing it while the forklift is settling into the ground. Still, nothing some QPR can’t fix.

Showing how tight a fit this thing was. This doesn’t quite show the final position, which was far enough in that the garage door opens and closes fine without running into any of the tall stuff on the machine (which isn’t even reinstalled in this picture).

Inside of the electrical cabinets are super clean, and the machine is setup basically how I hoped (there are a lot of options that could have been left out).

I’ve been running pneumatic and electrical stuff, setting up parts of the machine, and cleaning it out for the last few days but haven’t been taking pictures while I’m going. Pushing for power on and first cuts by 4/19 (waiting on a few critical electrical power items, namely a transformer and a rotary phase converter, but I’m also moving my compressor to a new tank and setting that up).