‘Learning Experiences’ – crashes, broken tooling

This crash had a really neat outcome but a dead stupid root cause: I forgot to run the script that converts tool lengths from negative to positive. The tool ran into a piece of aluminum being used sacrificially under some thin polycarbonate, and impressively the drill survived. I didn’t stop the spindle as quickly as I should have, and it did a little orbital welding, which actually caused aluminum to flow up through the collet and into the collet nut.

A careless mistake: my first time using a slitting saw, and I had it on backwards (but spinning the right way). More orbital welding…

Lots of broken carbide: crashes from bad code, a loose vise, and a post processor that wasn’t setup for transitioning between multiple WCSs.

How I learned to check my coolant level regularly…after a few months the water does start to evaporate, and then you run out in the middle of a slitting cycle and the carbide explodes.