Beer cavitation reactor

Another random Reddit find, maybe weirder than the last one. This was a guy who wanted to use a venturi to create cavitation in order to process the malt for beer production without creating as much gluten. This is process also has potential to use less energy because apparently the cavitation heats the malt enough for complete processing without any additional heat.

The idea has been tested by a lab at the Istituto di Biometeorologia in Florence, Italy headed by Lorenzo Albanese, with a few published papers that are available for free (e-mail if you can’t find them, I think they’re mostly on researchgate).

I dove in and learned quite a bit about standards for manufacturing food and beverage processing equipment, as well as stainless steel welding. It was a bummer I never got to fabricate anything, but the design phase was pretty fun too.

Really neat idea, I’d be interested in pursuing it further with someone who’s more dedicated to brewing than me.