I’m Andrew, and I’m an engineer with a variety of manufacturing hobbies. I love design engineering as well as fabricating all sorts of industrial and consumer products.

My day job is in R&D for a large manufacturer of optical fiber and fiber products, working on high powered fiber lasers. I have previously worked as a design engineer in the foundry equipment industry, and as a manufacturing engineer for a Fortune 500 HVAC manufacturer. I have a BS in aerospace engineering from Boston University and am in the middle of a Master’s in optical science at the University of Arizona.

I’m a self taught machinist and welder, and I’m interested in virtually all types of manufacturing. I’ve designed (and in many cases personally made) all kinds of parts, assemblies, and machines ranging from optical fiber fixtures a with features a few hundred microns wide and weighing grams, to 70 ton induction furnaces. This blog is intended to be a repository for all the work I do in my home shop, in order to give customers and anyone else interested a sample of my work and perhaps a starting point for their next project.


Some of what I describe here is for sale, either as plans or parts, on www.wcubed.co.